Evening of Light

As you might recall, The Sense of Time was one of our favourite records of last year here at the Evening of Light HQ, Sjaak Overgaauw having pushed his improvisation/composition skills to great heights with a long album that was really varied and dynamic, and with a perfect balance between light and dark ambient. With that album and some recent live material fresh in mind, I must say The Theory of Nothing initially disappointed me. While the prelude builds

Vital Weekly 857

The fourth album by Sjaak Overgaauw, also know as Premonition Factory. He’s Dutch man living in Antwerpen, playing guitar and electronics. The CD cover has some pretentious wording, such as “nothing is the absence of something/sometimes a synonym for silence/the period before you start playing/after you played the last note. You start from nothing/less is more/the magic will come, eventually/record it, and release it/. Send your music into the world/the