Premonition Factory is Sjaak Overgaauw from Belgium, and his excellent debut CD is mastered by Dirk Serries aka vidnaObmana. This is delicate, sparse ambience is fresh and exciting, even as it soothes and relaxes. Every detail from the sonic clarity to the nuanced sounds to the gorgeous trifold digipak is expertly executed. Whether it is gently strummed notes to open the disc, the resonant drones of “Needless to Say Anything,” or the rumbling undercurrents of “To The Dark Place Where It Leads,” or the soft floating of “The Future Will Be Whatever We Make It,” every note seems carefully considered, purposefully planned, and yet it all flows by effortlessly. The title track features reverberating piano along the lines of Harold Budd, floating over a bed of edgy buzzes and soft static. A touch of the experimental and avant garde runs through the album, but it remains very listenable and thoroughly engaging throughout. Highly recommended.

Review by Electrospaceambient (may-15-2010)