Futhernoise: Long live Premonition Factory

Some years ago Dirk Serries pensioned off his Vidna Obmana project to invest his energies in Fear Falls Burning. Early on in 59 Airplanes Waiting for New York, the air of a strange familiar wafts through the ambiguous lulling loops of “Needless to Say Anything.” Liner notes ID-ing Serries as “album consultant” and on mastering, along with Premonition Factory’s Sjaak Overgaauw using a synthesizer fed through loop devices, all point


Sjaak Overgaauw is a Belgian musician who only a year ago assumed the name Premonition Factory and launched his solo career. Nearly everything about this project is done with exquisite taste and the utmost care to detail, from the imaginative and suggestive monicker to the gorgeous packaging. (My only complaint is with the hackneyed track titles.) The easy way out is to state that Premonition Factory fills the gap left

Gonzo Circus

Gonzo Circus

Review by Gonzo Circus (July 2010) Source: Gonzo Circus magazine 98 [Translated text] – The link between ambient and airports has been programmed in our collective memory since Brian Eno’s “Music for Airports” [1978]. The beautiful and catchy title ” 59 Airplanes waiting for New York “ and the particular sound are breathing out the glory days of the first [Eno] and second ambient golf [Biosphere, The Orb, Sun Electric]. The CD contains six

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Premonition Factory is Sjaak Overgaauw from Belgium, and his excellent debut CD is mastered by Dirk Serries aka vidnaObmana. This is delicate, sparse ambience is fresh and exciting, even as it soothes and relaxes. Every detail from the sonic clarity to the nuanced sounds to the gorgeous trifold digipak is expertly executed. Whether it is gently strummed notes to open the disc, the resonant drones of “Needless to Say Anything,”

Utopian film-noir-orchestrals

Composers are often regarded as little more than the sum of their influences.  As an organiser of the Antwerp Live Looping Festival, Overgaauw has been in close touch with the international looping community, which automatically puts his debut album under the Premonition Factory moniker in a long line of tradition. Dirk Serries of Vidna Obmana, Fear Falls Burning and Microphonics has acted as his creative mentor, suggesting links to Ambient


„59 airplanes waiting for new york“ ist das debüt von premonition factory. und hinter premonition factory steckt sjaak overgaauw, der auf eine mischung unterschiedlichster musikalischer begegnungen zurückschauen kann, als premonition factory hier jedoch zum ersten mal den alleingang wagt. allein heisst: er und seine keyboards. die er, und das ist für mich ein unterschied zu vielen anderen, heutigen keyboard-solo-akteuren, gar nicht so sehr nutzt, um über verschiedene sequenzer-programme seine tracks

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59 Airplanes Waiting for New York is the debut album by Premonition Factory, the project of Sjaak Overgaauw, based in Antwerp. He self-released this album in a stylish digifile with modern design that reflects the care that went into the creation of the music as well. The album contains over 50 minutes of calm, reflective ambient based on improvised real-time looped synths. The six tracks on this album are drifting

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Its with much confidence that Sjaak Overgaauw, the man behind Premonition Factory and his new label Longstreet Records, releases this CD. He was a keyboard player and mixer in various projects, but only started to play music Premonition Factory in September 2009, and in February he released his first CD. That’s what I like: if you really believe in what you are doing, then you have to show it, so