Its with much confidence that Sjaak Overgaauw, the man behind Premonition Factory and his new label Longstreet Records, releases this CD. He was a keyboard player and mixer in various projects, but only started to play music Premonition Factory in September 2009, and in February he released his first CD. That’s what I like: if you really believe in what you are doing, then you have to show it, so why not indeed release a CD straight away? What’s probably going to help him is the fact that the album is mastered by Dirk Serries, also known as Fear Falls Burning, Microphonics and Vidna Obmana. Especially the latter incarnation seems to me to have been an inspiration for Overgaauw. He uses one or more loop devices, through which he feeds his synthesizer and creates music that is similar to the work of Vidna Obmana. Dark. Atmospheric. Ambient. The keywords for this kind of music. One could easily argue that Vidna Obmana already made a strong point with that kind of music through an immense catalogue of works, and that Overgaauw not necessarily adds much more to it. That would be negative approach and one could more positively say that since Vidna Obmana is no more, it has found a great successor in Premonition Factory. The six lengthy pieces of music are all dark and introspective, maybe even a bit sombre, and make up some excellent late night music. Excellent works, if indeed nothing new under the moon. The titles could have some rethinking (‘The Future Will Be Whatever We Make It’?) and a picture of the composer on the album? Mwah… That aside, its a most promising start. (FdW)