Vital Weekly 857

The fourth album by Sjaak Overgaauw, also know as Premonition Factory. He’s Dutch man living in Antwerpen, playing guitar and electronics. The CD cover has some pretentious wording, such as “nothing is the absence of something/sometimes a synonym for silence/the period before you start playing/after you played the last note. You start from nothing/less is more/the magic will come, eventually/record it, and release it/. Send your music into the world/the

Vital weekly 815

And although I don’t like to do this a lot, I tie in Sjaak Overgaauw’s new CD under the name Premonition Factory into this story. Overgaauw, a Dutchman in Belgium has already made two albums (see Vital Weekly 725 and 771) of quite nice ambient music played on guitar and those loop devices which no guitarist can do without these days. Just Gwozdz with his piano, but then with a

2011 - Magnetic Fields & Zero Dimensional Planes [Consouling

Vital weekly 778

MAGNETIC FIELD & ZERO DIMENSION PLANES (CD by Consouling) – Although quite active, not all releases by Belgium’s Consouling label are reviewed in Vital Weekly, which is a pity. From [Multer] I received these new releases. The compilation has mostly new names from the field of dark ambient, perhaps except the well established [Multer]. The other names are not necessarily new but despite various years of activity not well-known, such

Vital weekly 771

First of all a small correction: in Vital Weekly 725 I reviewed the first CD by Premonition Factory, the musical project of Sjaak Overgaauw, but I did a spelling mistake in his name (and still got Vital Weekly a mentioning on the cover of the new one). Now he’s ready with his second release, ‘The Sense Of Time’, which continues his trip into ambient land. The booklet shows also a

Vital Weekly 725

Its with much confidence that Sjaak Overgaauw, the man behind Premonition Factory and his new label Longstreet Records, releases this CD. He was a keyboard player and mixer in various projects, but only started to play music Premonition Factory in September 2009, and in February he released his first CD. That’s what I like: if you really believe in what you are doing, then you have to show it, so