First of all a small correction: in Vital Weekly 725 I reviewed the first CD by Premonition Factory, the musical project of Sjaak Overgaauw, but I did a spelling mistake in his name (and still got Vital Weekly a mentioning on the cover of the new one). Now he’s ready with his second release, ‘The Sense Of Time’, which continues his trip into ambient land. The booklet shows also a picture of Sjaak behind a keyboard, which is funny, since if I had to guess what it is that he is playing here, I would have guessed it was a guitar and a bunch of sound effects, but then, so, its not. Overgaauw also writes that his music is the process of live playing with the addition of looping devices, rather than using the studio to layer the sounds. His influences are still anything from Brian Eno to Vidna Obmana, the latter which helped Overgaauw in various stages. Its an album that works well along the lines of the previous one and what I said then also counts for this new one. “One could easily argue that Vidna Obmana already made a strong point with that kind of music through an immense catalogue of works, and that Overgaauw not necessarily adds much more to it. That would be negative approach and one could more positively say that since Vidna Obmana is no more, it has found a great successor in Premonition Factory.” That’s very much the same thing with this new album too. Its great, late night, atmospheric dark ambient music and Premonition Factory does a mighty fine job at creating such music. It maybe needs to be a bit more of his own though. (FdW)

Date: March 9, 2011

Sources: Vital Weekly and Tokafi