Time on his side: Ambient cycles of growth and decay

With the right set of ears, listening is anything but a passive process. Until he emerged as a recording artist under the Premonition Factory banner with last year’s 59 Airplanes waiting for New York, Antwerp-based Sjaak Overgaauw spent fifteen years mainly with decoding the systematics underpinning classics like David Sylvian and Robert Fripp’s Gone to Earth. Throughout this period of discovery, there was never any rush to step into the

Vital weekly 771

First of all a small correction: in Vital Weekly 725 I reviewed the first CD by Premonition Factory, the musical project of Sjaak Overgaauw, but I did a spelling mistake in his name (and still got Vital Weekly a mentioning on the cover of the new one). Now he’s ready with his second release, ‘The Sense Of Time’, which continues his trip into ambient land. The booklet shows also a

Utopian film-noir-orchestrals

Composers are often regarded as little more than the sum of their influences.  As an organiser of the Antwerp Live Looping Festival, Overgaauw has been in close touch with the international looping community, which automatically puts his debut album under the Premonition Factory moniker in a long line of tradition. Dirk Serries of Vidna Obmana, Fear Falls Burning and Microphonics has acted as his creative mentor, suggesting links to Ambient

Tokafi interview

It is bemusing in a way that Sjaak Overgaauw was berated for using a picture of himself in the inner sleeve of the digipack to “59 Airplanes waiting for New York” (his debut album under the Premonition Factory moniker) in a recent review. Aren’t we, after all, finally entering a phase in the development of Ambient, Drones and Minimalism, where these genres are evolving beyond their faceless imagery into a