Last Saturday night (only 2 days ago? Wow.) I headlining a mini-festival in Antwerp. It was the ‘Antwerp Live Looping Festival’ – 6 acts, all making use of real-time looping in one way or another…

It’s always tricky with a festival that’s not genre-based, but rather tech-based, as it can seem a little disjointed, but the organiser, Sjaak Overgaauw, had gone for an ambient electronica theme (to be fair, a lot of people exploring the more involved end of looping tech tend to gravitate towards ambient electronica, even if the people who are making a splash tend to be singer-sonnwriters (KT Tunstall, Imogen Heap) or jazz musicians (Bill Frisell, John Schofield) ). He put together a really high quality line-up – more about them, with links and vid can be found at

Here’s his own album, under to name Premonition Factory. It’s a REALLY gorgeous ‘proper’ ambient record (not the faux-ambient spacy-plus-big-choonz stuff that I do) – great sounds, great ideas, fabulously relaxing without being bland or wall-paper-y at all.

Have a listen, then buy it if you like it lots.

Written by: Steve Lawson (UK)