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[Dutch] – Premonition Factory is het pseudoniem voor de Nederlandse muzikant Sjaak Overgaauw. De negen tracks op zijn tweede worp, de opvolger voor ‘59 Airplanes Waiting For New York’, zijn stuk voor stuk gebaseerd op live gespeelde improvisatie sessies. Overgaauw gebruikt de techniek van ‘live looping’ wat betekent dat de muziek in lagen wordt opgebouwd en zich manifesteert in ‘real-time’. Het interactieve procedé zorgt steeds voor vernieuwing. Het is een

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The Sense of Time may be expansive, but it’s not infinitely so. This is the sort of ambience that sounds as if it’s lapping up against the concrete walls of aircraft hangers rather than drifting into space without return, and I find myself reminded of Deep Listening (collaboration between Stuart Dempster, Pauline Oliveros and Panatois, recorded inside a gigantic water cistern) for the way in which Premonition Factory explores a

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Impresses as a contemporary update of classic ambient space cadence that manages to both lull and engage, to be serene, even blissful, without falling prey to the insipid tendencies of some of the recent jumpers on the No-Age and post-Kosmische synth bandwagon. Sjaak Overgaauw is not a name that will resonate especially strongly, that is unless you’re an adept of the Antwerp ambient scene. Under the moniker Premonition Factory, he’s

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  Premonition Factory ist der in Antwerpen ansässige Niederländer Sjaak Overgaauw. Mit “The Sense Of Time” hat der Gründer des Antwerp Live Looping Festivals sein zweites Album veröffentlicht. Premontion Factory spielt auf “The Sense Of Time” mit den verschiedenen Gemütszuständen, die Ambientmusik beim Hörer hervorrufen kann. “Darkest Hour Pt.1″ eröffnet das Album und wie schon der Titel verspricht, ist die Stimmung düster. Was Sjaak hier aus seinen Keyboards zaubert, sind

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 „the sense of time“: guter titel für eine vö dieses genres. wobei: welches genre denn genau? ambient? drone? improvisierte musik? auch wenn ggf. besonders letzteres vielleicht nicht vordergründig zu hören zu sein scheint, verbindet premonition factory auf „the sense of time“ genau wie schon auf dem debüt „59 airplanes waiting for new york“ alle drei aspekte zu einem schlüssigen (weil gleichermassen spannenden wie entspannenden, aufbauenden wie bedrohlicherem, sphärischen wie bewegteren)

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[English] – The third act actually was, musically, the most pleasant, without saying that the first 2 weren’t good. Again, it was a one man show “with Premonition Factory”. The sounds from his keyboards were colorful and very deep, very intense and at times even dreamy. The only thing I missed was a background video, that would have been perfect. Dark Ambient from the heart, also his two CDs 59 airplanes

2011 - Magnetic Fields & Zero Dimensional Planes [Consouling

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MAGNETIC FIELD & ZERO DIMENSION PLANES (CD by Consouling) – Although quite active, not all releases by Belgium’s Consouling label are reviewed in Vital Weekly, which is a pity. From [Multer] I received these new releases. The compilation has mostly new names from the field of dark ambient, perhaps except the well established [Multer]. The other names are not necessarily new but despite various years of activity not well-known, such

Evening of Light – The Sense of Time

I was really excited when I found the new Premonition Factory album in my mailbox a few weeks ago. The first album, 59 Airplanes Waiting for New York, was warmly received here, so then there’s always some pleasant anticipation for whatever follows after. The anticipation changed into profound joy, because this is an extremely fine ambient album that is immediately pleasant to listen to, with loads of deeper layers to


Premonition Factory  is the name of the ambient-electronic music project by Sjaak Overgaauw, a dutch musician currently living in Antwerp, Belgium. ‘The Sense of Time’ is his second full CD, the follow up to 2010’s ’59 Airplanes waiting for New York’. It contains eleven tracks of different length, presenting an impressive hour of well balanced immersive ambient sounds. Most are ‘classic’ ambient: slow washes of drones, sparsely interspersed with background

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First of all a small correction: in Vital Weekly 725 I reviewed the first CD by Premonition Factory, the musical project of Sjaak Overgaauw, but I did a spelling mistake in his name (and still got Vital Weekly a mentioning on the cover of the new one). Now he’s ready with his second release, ‘The Sense Of Time’, which continues his trip into ambient land. The booklet shows also a